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What is overtraining?
Overtraining is an imbalance between the amount of training done and recovery taken. Training more doesn't necessarily lead to an improvement in performance. Many intense workouts or trainings can also cause one's fitness level to stagnate or worsen.

There is no standard on how to diagnose overtraining except for the worsening of one's performance.

If you find yourself in a state of overtraining, you shouldn't run at all for a week or two. After that, keep training controlled with enough recovery time and few hard workouts to start your build-up base training.

Active recovery
Most of the time, it's not that one trains too much, but one doesn't set enough recovery time aside. However, recovery doesn't necessarily have to mean "do nothing".
There are several different types of training with a lower intensity suited for active recovery.

Balanced training
VICSYSTEM plans your training blocks so you always have enough endurance base on which to build upon, and enough rest without resting too much.

Days off
For someone who trains throughout the year, a rest days with no training are built in. Professional athletes build in these types of rest days on a regular basis.

Training plan
You should train with the VICSYSTEM because things like overtraining exist. Successful training demands workouts and recovery at the right times. This is the only way to get to race day in optimal condition. Training according to a plan takes the both athlete's goals into consideration as well as evidence-based methods.

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