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Training Expertise
Athletes have been trying to improve their athletic performances since the beginning of time. In the process, countless training methods have been tried, tested and systematically researched, which have produced legitimate evidence-based training methods.

The Disadvantages of Training Without a Training Plan
Evidence has shown which workouts an athlete can handle and at what point an athlete needs rest in order to reach his or her full potential without entering into a phase of over-training or getting injured. Those who don't run according to a training plan can't profit from the research done and are more likely to put in more effort and come out with less than desired results.

The Advantages of Training According to a Training Plan
Successful training demands a good balance between workouts and recovery. This is the only way an athlete will be able to reach his/her peak performance on race day. A training plan takes both the athlete's goals as well as training expertise into consideration.

What a Training Plan From VICSYSTEM Has to Offer
A training plan from VICSYSTEM tells you exactly what sort of run to do and which supplemental exercises to carry out. VICSYSTEM gives you training details on pace, intensity, time, and heart rate. You can decide on which days to train and always reschedule when necessary. Depending on the daily feedback you give, VICSYSTEM will re-calculate your new training zones for certain runs as well as adapting it to your race plans. VICSYSTEM keeps track of your pulse and then updates and incorporates this information into your training plan.

What a Training Plan From VICSYSTEM Looks Like
The VICSYSTEM has several options for viewing the training plans. For example, you can view today's training, previous trainings, or upcoming training days as well as weekly, monthly and yearly overviews. A print option is also available for all types of overviews.

Training Regulation Through Your Personal "Profile"
You can provide information about yourself and your athletic performance and/or condition on your profile, which VICSYSTEM will then use in order to appropriately evaluate you.

Training Regulation Through a "Lactate Threshold Test"
If you happen to have done a lactate threshold test, these results can of course be used to your benefit through the VICSYSTEM in order to more precisely adapt, specialize, and personalize your training plans.

Training Regulation Through Your "Racing Schedule"
You can share your goals and intended race plans with VICSYSTEM. By making your plans known, VICSYSTEM can then take the information into account and can plan your training accordingly.

Choosing Which Days to Train
With VICSYSTEM, you can choose the days on which you wish to conduct the suggested training; although, you should at least set three days aside to train. Of course these settings can be changed at any time in order to adapt to your personal schedule. The VICSYSTEM will then automatically adjust your training plans for optimal results. You choose which days you want to train according to your personal schedule.

Here you see the suggested training and which trainings you actually conducted. On VICSYSTEM, you can see when you have a hard training period, an approaching race or when you "get" a recovery week.

Weltweite Marathons:
1. Rügenbrücken Marathon; 17ème MARATHON DE L'ESPACE; 5-Towers (Tarns) Marathon; 6. Marathon Deutsche Weinstrasse 2008; 61. Kreuzdeich Marathon; 62. Kreuzdeich Marathon; 63. Kreuzdeich Marathon; A1A Marathon; AMREF Marathon Salzburg; ARR Desert Marathon; Aalborg brutal Marathon; Adelaide Marathon; Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival; Aesculap Donau-Tal-Marathon; Ahrkreis-Marathonstaffel; Akaa Maratooni; Akasia 3 in 1 Marathon; Alajärvi Maraton; Alesund Marathon; Alice Springs Marathon; Allgäu-Panorama-Marathon; Alpen-Marathon; Alpharetta Marathon & Half Marathon; Alpin Marathon Oberstaufen; Amatola Marathon; American Discovery Trail Marathon; Andrew Jackson Marathon; Anglesey Marathon; Anglo Platinum PPRust 5 in 1 Marathon; Antarctica Marathon; Antwerpen Marathon; Arctic Nuuk Marathon; Arkansas Marathon; Around Mount Desert Island Relay; Around the Lake Marathon; Assegaai Marathon; Asturias Marathon; Athens Marathon; Aurinkomaraton; Austin Marathon; Avenue of the Giants Marathon; B&A Trail Marathon and Half Marathon; BMW Malta Marathon; Bad Harzburger Bergmarathon; Bad Pyrmonter Classic Marathon; Bad Salzuflen Marathon; Bad Waldsee Lauffiebermarathon; Baden-Marathon Karlsruhe; Baikalsee-Ice-Marathon; Barcelona Marathon; Bataan Memorial Death March; Bayshore Marathon; Beekse Marathon; Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon; Bergen Marathon; Bergstadt-Marathon-Rüthen; Berlicher Strassenläufe; Berliner Team-Marathon; Bermuda Marathon; Berryman Marathon; Bertlicher Straßenläufe; Biberttal-Marathon; Bieler Lauftage; Bienwald-Marathon; Big Bear Lake Marathon; Big Five Marathon; Big Island Marathon; Big Sur International Marathon; Big Wild Life Marathon; Big-D Texas Marathon; Bill Rowan Marathon; Binnenmaas-Marathon; Birch Bay Marathon; Bjergmarathon Aabenraa; Black Mountain Marathon; Blackpool Marathon; Blokhus Marathon; Blue Nose International Marathon; Bodensee-Marathon; Bodo Makuszies Teichwiesen-Marathon; Border Masters Marathon; Bornholm Marathon; Boston Marathon; Boulder Backroads Marathon; Brathay Windermere Marathon; Bratislava Marathon; Brescia Marathon; Brisbane Marathon Festival; Brombachsee Marathon; Brookings Marathon; Buffalo Marathon; Buitenmere Marathon; Buller Gorge Marathon; Bungay Black Dog Marathon; Buzz Marathon; Bärenfelslauf; Bödefelder Hollenlauf; CIFAL White Nights St. Petersburg Marathon; Cadbury Glass Marathon; Callanish Stones Marathon; Callaway Gardens Marathon; Canberra Marathon; Cape Gate Vaal Marathon; Cape Wrath Marathon; Capital City Marathon; Capitol Caterers Midlands Meander Marathon; Carlos Lopes Gold Marathon Memorial; Carrefour Taipei International Freeway Marathon; Carrollton Charity Road Races Marathon; Casper Marathon; Catalina Marathon; Cellcom Green Bay Marathon; Central States Mothers marathon; Chaberton Marathon; Charlottesville Marathon; Cheltenham Circular Challenge; China Coast Marathon; Chom Bueng Marathon; Christchurch Marathon; Christian Quart Marathon; Church Triple Crown Trail Marathon; City of Ashton Mesa Falls Marathon; City of Rexburg Marathon; City of Rio de Janeiro Marathon; Clarence DeMar Marathon; Claudia Erdmann Teichwiesen-Marathon; Cleveland Marathon; Coastal Trail Exmoor; Coastal Trail Marathon; Coburger Wintermarathon; Coeur de l'Ardenne Marathon; Coeur d’Alene Marathon; Colle-Marathon; Colorado Colfax Marathon; Colorado Marathon; Community First Fox Cities Marathon; Conergy Marathon Hamburg; Connemara Marathon; Cork City Marathon; Cornwall Marathon; Country Music Marathon; Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon; Cowtown Marathon; Cox Sports Providence Marathon; Cracovia Marathon; Cyprus Marathon; Dalian International Marathon; Darmstadt Marathon; Darmstädter Knastmarathon; Darss Marathon; Davy Crockett Bear Chase; De Nacht van Flanderen; Dead Sea Marathon; Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon; Death Valley Trail Marathon; Debno Marathon; Debrecen Maraton; Deep RiverRock Belfast Marathon; Delaware Marathon; Deloitte Pretoria Marathon; Desert Morning New Marathon; Det Norske Fjellmarathon; Diablo Marathon; Diamond Marathon; Diamond Valley Lake Challenge & Marathon; Dieter Wolf Teichwiesen-Marathon; Dijkenloop; Disney World Marathon; Dovedale Dipper Challenge; Draycote Water Marathon; Drebber Marathon; Drei-Talsperren-Marathon; Dreiburgenland-Marathon; Drents Friese Woldmarathon; Duchy Marathon; Dumfries Marathon; Défi International Val-de-Travers; E'Thekwini Family Race; E.T. Full Moon Midnight Marathon; Ecomarathon deVentasso; Ecomaratona dei Cimbri; Ecomaratona delle Madonie; Edge to Edge Marathon; Edinburgh Marathon; Egyptian Marathon; Eidsvoll 6-timers; Eifel-Marathon; Einstein-Marathon Ulm; Eisenhower Marathon; El Paso Marathon & Half Marathon; Elands Valley 3 in 1 Run; Elba Ecomarathon dei Marsi; Elbtunnel-Marathon; Ellerbe Springs Marathon; Elstertal Marathon; Empuries marathon; Erie Marathon at Presque Isle; Ermstal-Marathon; Eselsburger-Tal-Lauf; Estes Park Marathon; Eugene Marathon; Europa-Marathon Görlitz; European Minority Marathon; Exxaro uMhalthuze Marathon; Fairlands Valley Challenge; Fallsburg Festival of Races; Famous Idaho Potato Marathon; Fargo Marathon; Ferrara-Marathon; Fichtelgebirgsmarathon; Fielmann Natur-Marathon; Fiji Bula marathon; Finlandia Marathon; First Light Marathon; Five Points of Life Marathon; Flagstaff Marathon; Flanders Fields Marathon; Flora London Marathon; Flora Warsaw Marathon; Flyhing Tortoise Marathon; Flying Pig Marathon; Foot Traffic Flat Marathon; Forest City Marathon; Fortis Marathon Rotterdam; Frederick Marathon; Fredericton Marathon; Free State Trail Marathon, Lawrence; Freiburg Marathon; Friendly Massey Marathon; Fränkische Schweiz-Marathon; Galgenberg-Marathon; Gardelegener Stadtwallmarathon; Gargano-Marathon; Gasparilla Marathon; Gdansk Marathon; Geneve Marathon; Geraldton Marathon; Glasfit Marathon; Glass City Marathon; Gletschermarathon; Glitnir Oslo Maraton; Gloucester Marathon; Go! St. Louis-Marathon; God's Country Marathon; Goitzsche-Marathon; Gold Coast Airport Marathon; Golden Gate Headlands Marathon; Gondo-Event; Gorch-Fock-Marathon; Goseong-Marathon; Grand Island Trail Marathon; Grand Teton Races; Grandfather Mountain Marathon; Grandma's Marathon; Graubünden-Marathon; Great Forest Marathon; Great Langdale Marathon; Great Ocean Road Marathon; Great Wall Marathon; Greena Marathon; Grizzly Marathon; Groningen Stad Marathon; Grootgat Marathon; Guam Marathon; Guldensporenmarathon; Gutenberg-Marathon Mainz; GutsMuths-Rennsteiglauf; Günter Heyer Teichwiesen-Marathon; HAN-KAN Marathon Nijmegen; HSBC Calgary Marathon; Hadeland Marathon; Hadsel Marathon; Hallenmarathon Senftenberg; Hallimaratoni ja Puoliska; Halstead Marathon; Han Frenken Teichwiesen-Marathon; Hans Christian Andersen Marathon; Hans Drexler Teichwiesen-Marathon; Harmony Heaven Adventure Marathon; Haseder Feldmarkmarathon; Hasetal-Marathon; Hassen Tervasaari-Hölkkämaraton; Hatfield-McCoy Marathon; Haulin Aspen Marathon; Heart of America Marathon; Heide-Marathon Stüde; Heilbronner Trollinger-Marathon; Heleneholms Marathon; Helgoland-Marathon; Helmut Jung Teichwiesen-Marathon; Helsinki City Marathon; Hitra Marathon; Hochsauerland Waldmarathon; Hogeye Marathon; Holstebro-Marathon; Honigkuchenmann-Marathon; Hoorn Marathon; Hornindalsvatnet Marathon; Hornisgrinde-Marathon; Houston Marathon; Hudson Mohawk Marathon; Hunsrück-Marathon; Hutt River Trail Marathon; Hyannis Marathon; Hybla-Barocco Marathon; Höga Kusten Marathon; IMG Bank Haarlemmermeer Marathon; ING Edmonton Centenial Marathon; ING Europe-Marathon Luxembourg; ING Georgia Marathon; ING Miami Marathon; ING Ottawa Marathon; Ibbenbüren-Marathon; Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon; Iller Marathon; Immenstädter Gebirgsmarathon; Incehon Marathon; Infantry School Cango Caves Marathon; International Lake Garda Marathon; International Marathon of Marrakesh; Internationaler Custoza Marathonlauf; Isle of Wright Marathon; Jaggad Bush Capital Marathon; Jakob-Marathon; Jesolo Night Marathon; Joensuu Maraton; Johannesbad Thermen-Marathon; Johnny Miles Marathon; Johnson Crane Marathon; Jolster Maraton; Journeys Marathon; Julma-Juhan Juoksu; Jungfrau Marathon; Kalevan Kierroksen Maraton; Kalundborg Marathon; Kanaal Marathon; Karl-Ernst Rösner Teichwiesen-Marathon; Karstadt Marathon; Kassel Marathon; Kaupungin Maraton; Kaupunkimaraton; Kaweka Challenge Marathon; Kemijo-Marathon; Kenhardt Dorperland Marathon; Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon; Khon Kaen International Marathon; Kiel Marathon; Kigali Peace Marathon; King Cetshwayo Marathon; King Salmon Marathon; Kinmen Marathon; Kloppers / Adidas Festival of Running; Knysna Forest Marathon; Koberstädter Wald-Marathon; Kona Marathon; Kongsvinger Marathon; Kopenhagen Marathon; Kosmos 3 in 1 Lake Umuzi Marathon; Kraftloppet Marathon; Kreuzdeich Marathon; Kuala Lumpur International Marathon; Kuopio Marathon; Kustmaran och Kristianopel Runt; Kyffhäuser-Berg-Marathon; Kyrönjoki Maraton; Königsforst Marathon; Königsschlösser-Romantik-Marathon; Küstenmarathon Otterndorf; LGT-Alpin-Marathon Liechtenstein; La Bouillonnante Marathon; La Route du Louvre; La Transleonarde Marathon du Finistere; Laakso Marathon; Labor of Love Marathon; Laesö Rundt; Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon; Lake City International Marathon; Lake Geneva Marathon; Lake Placid Marathon; Lake Tahoe Marathon; Lakeus Maraton; Lala Marathon; Land of Legends Thohoyandou Marathon; Landskrona Marathon; Lappland Marathon; Last chance for Boston-Marathon; Lauf der Emotionen - City-Marathon Bremerhaven; Lawler Partners Hunter Valley Winery Marathon; Leading Ladies Marathon; Leadville Trail Marathon; Leeuwarden Marathon; Leiden Marathon; Leipzig-Marathon; Lewis & Clark Marathon Montana; Lewis & Clark Marathon; Lincoln Marathon; Little Rock Marathon; Lochaber Marathon; Lofoten Marathon; Lohner Marathon "Rund um den Motorpark"; Long Island Marathon; Longford Marathon; Loop the Lake; Los Angeles Marathon; Lost Dutchman Marathon; Lothar Gehrke Teichwiesen-Marathon; Lothar Preißler Teichwiesen-Marathon; Louis Persoons Memorial Marathon; Low Tide Marathon; Lower Potomac River Marathon; Lumdatal Marathon; Lyon Marathon; Lübecker Kreis-Marathon; METRO Group Marathon Düsseldorf; MLP Marathon Mannheim; Maas Marathon Maastricht; Mablethorpe Marathon; Mad City Marathon; Mafikeng Marathon; Maisematie Marathon; Manfred Hopp Teichwiesen-Marathon; Mangum Track Club Boogie Marathon; Manitoba Marathon; Marathon Alpine Galarleiz; Marathon Alpino Madrileno; Marathon Bhutan; Marathon Futuroscope Haut Poitou; Marathon Hero Drome & Nature; Marathon Internacional Dia de la Bandera; Marathon Internacional Tangamanga; Marathon International Rapa Nui; Marathon Marne et Gondoire; Marathon Popular de Madrid; Marathon St. Wendel; Marathon Tongeren; Marathon d'Albi; Marathon d'Azay le Rideau; Marathon de Cheverny; Marathon de Mayo; Marathon de Paris; Marathon de Senart; Marathon de Toral de los Vados Memorial Tito Palla; Marathon de Vendée; Marathon de la Baie; Marathon de la Liberte; Marathon de l´Huitre; Marathon dei Castelli Medievali; Marathon der Noorderkempen; Marathon des Ecluses de la Mayenne; Marathon des Premières Côtes de Blaye; Marathon des blues trotteurs; Marathon du Ballon d'Alsace; Marathon du Charolais; Marathon du Lac d'Annecy; Marathon du Mont Saint Michel; Marathon du Montcalm; Marathon du Médoc; Marathon du Pays du Coquelicot; Marathon du Val Nantais; Marathon du Vignoble d'Alsace; Marathon du bout du monde; Marathon to Marathon; Marathon-Staffellauf Hannover; Marathonstaffel Mörfelden; Maraton Fin del Mundo; Maraton Int'l Martin Fiz; Maraton Popular Ciudad de Badajoz; Maraton Popular de Valencia; Maraton Rover Scout Mexico a Cuernavaca; Maraton de la Ciudad de Sevilla; Maratona Delle Terre Verdiane; Maratona Sant Antonio Padua; Maratona d'Europa; Maratona de Brembo; Maratona de Salento; Maratona del Piceno; Maratona del Riso; Maratona do Recife; Maratona international Sao Paulo; Maratonkarusellen Nr. 1; Maratonkarusellen Nr. 2; Mardi Gras Marathon; Mariestad Marathon; Mario Sagasser Teichwiesen-Marathon; Marley Vasbyt Marathon; Marnkarbo-Marathon; Martian Marathon; Maryville Chamber Country Classic Marathon; Masku Marathon; Matla Black Gold Marathon; Maui Marathon; Mayo Midnight Marathon; Mayor's Marathon; Mealie Marathon; Med City Marathon; Memorial Health Tybee Marathon; Menden Marathon; Mercedes-Benz Marathon; Metropol-Marathon Fürth; Mid Mountain Marathon; Middelburg Marathon; Midnight Sun Marathon; Midwinter-Marathon; Midzomeravond Marathon; Mikkeli Maraton; Missisippi Blues Marathon; Mississauga Marathon; Missoula Marathon; Mitteldeutscher Marathon; Mittelrhein-Marathon; Moab Marathon; Monaco Marathon; Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset Marathon; Monschau-Marathon; Monster Marathon; Mont-Blanc Marathon; Montafon Arlberg Marathon; Montana Governor's Cup Marathon; Moormarathon; Moray Marathon; More Marathon; Moro Marathon; Mosjonslopet Rett Vest; Moskau Int'l Peace Marathon; Mount Kilimanjaro Marathon; Mountain Air Marathon; Mountain to Surf Marathon; Muir Woods Trail Marathon; Muirite Marathon; Museum of Aviation Foundation Marathon; Music from the Soul Marathon; Muttenz-Marathon; Myrtle Beach Marathon; NRN Kathmandu International Marathon; Nachtmarathon Marburg; Nagano Olympic Commemorative Marathon; Nagoya International Women's Marathon; Namibia Marathon; Napa Valley Marathon; Napa Valley Trail Marathon; National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer; Navitas Marathon; Neapel Marathon; Nedbank City of Cape Town Marathon; Nedbank Johannesburg City Matathon; Nedbank Matha Series - Durban City Marathon; Nedbank Outeniqua Marathon; Needles XC Marathon; Neolitic Marathon Stonehenge; Neujahrsmarathon Zürich; New Delhi Marathon; New Forest Marathon; New Jersey Marathon; New Mexico Marathon; Newlands Athletic Club Marathon; Newport Marathon; Newry City Marathon; Nico de Witt Marathon; Nimas Marathon Challenge; NipMuck Trail Marathon; Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse Wintermarathon; Norderney-Marathon; Nordmarka Forest Marathon; Nordschwarzwaldmarathon; Nordvest Marathon; North Country Trail Run; North Dakota Roughrider Marathon; North Harris Trust Marathon; North Olympic Discovery Marathon; North Pole Marathon; North Sea Beach Marathon; Northwest Passage Marathon; Northwest Trail Runs; Noumea Marathon; Nova Scotia Marathon; OMV Linz Marathon; ORRRC Marathon; Oasis Montreal International Marathon; Oberelbe-Marathon; Obermain-Marathon; Ocala Marathon; Ocean Drive Marathon; Ogden Marathon; Okinawa-Marathon; Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon; Olathe Marathon; Old Mutual Balele Mountain Challenge; Old Mutual Buffs Marathon; Oldenburg Marathon; Olympus Marathon; Omaha Marathon; Orange County Marathon; Oranjerivier Wynkelders Marathon; Orlando Xtreme Marathon; Osaka Int'l Ladies Marathon; Osnabrücker-Land Marathon; Ostfrieslandmarathon; Ottosdal Marathon Nite Race; Oulu marathon; P-Weg Marathon; PPC Cement Riebeek Berg Marathon; PWC Fast 3 in 1; Paavo Nurmi Marathon; Pacific Crest Marathon; Palos Verdes Marahon; Panama City International Marathon; Park City Marathon; Paskemaraton i Drammen; Pattaya Marathon; Paul-Moor-Benefiz Marathon; Peak Marathon; Penang Bridge Marathoh; Pensacola Marathon; Perth Marathon; Peter Graham Teichwiesen-Marathon; PetroSA Diaz Marathon; Phuket International Marathon; Pick´n Pay Marathon; Pielachtal Marathon; Pielavesi City Maraton; Pikes Peak Marathon; Pine Line Marathon; Pisa Marathon; Placentia Marathon for Unicef; Plexus Marathon; Plitvice Marathon; Pocatello Marathon; Pocono Mountains Marathon; Polokwane Sterling Lite; Portland-Marathon; Porto Santo Marathon; Postnet Maritzburg Marathon; Potomac River Run Marathon; Potsdamer Schlösser-Marathon; Powerade Drie Provinsies Marathon; Prag International Marathon; Preferred Care Rochester Marathon; Prince of Wales Marathon; Pulheimer Staffel-Marathon; Puma Peninsula Marathon; Quad Cities Marathon; Quebec City Marathon; Queen City Marathon; Rand Road Warriors Marathon; Recreation and Conservation Yonkers Marathon; Red Hill Marathon; Red Rock Canyon Marathon; Redding Marathon; Regensburg Marathon; Reinhard Geistert Teichwiesen-Marathon; Rendsburg-Marathon; Reykjavik Marathon; Rhein Energie Bonn-Marathon; Rhein-Ruhr-Marathon Duisburg; Richmond E-Venti Marathon; Ridge Runner Marathon; Riga-Marathon; Ringerike Marathon; Rinkimaraton; Road Runner Akron Marathon; Robin Hood Festival of Running; Rock 'n' Roll Marathon; Rock'n Roll Arizona Marathon; Rockin K Trail Marathon; Rom Marathon; Rostocker Marathon Nacht; Rothaarsteiglauf; Rotorua Marathon; Rovaniemi Marathon; Rudersdals Marathon; Run Through Time Marathon; Run with the Horses Marathon; Running from an Angel Marathon; Running with the Devil Marathon; Rychnov Classic Marathon; Römer Marathon; SWASP Marathon; Saarschleife Marathon; Safaricom Marathon; Sahara Marathon; Saipan Marathon; Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 Marathon; Salo Marathon; Salt Lake City Marathon; Salzkotten Marathon; Samoa International Marathon; Samsonman Laufmarathon; San Diego Marathon; San Francisco Marathon; Santa Claus Arctic Circle Marathon; Sao Paulo Marathon; Sarasota Marathon; Sardinia Marathon; Saskatchewan Marathon; Sasol Marathon; Sasol Secunda Marathon; Schorfheide Marathon; Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon; Sedona Marathon; Seinämaraton; Seneca Creek Greenway Trail Marathon; Seoul International Marathon; Shakespeare Marathon; Sham Tseng Mountain Marathon; Shamrock; Shiprock Marathon; Shoe Clinic Harbour Capital Marathon; Siberian International Marathon; Silvretta-Ferwall Marathon; Siracusa Marathon; Six Foot Track Marathon; Skagit Runners Skagit Flats Marathon; Skövde Marathon; Slow Mag Marathon; Snickers Marathon Energy Bar Marathon; Southeast Road Runners Frank Maier Marathon; Sparkassen-Marathon Cuxhaven; Spreewald Marathon; Springbok Pharmacy Jackie Gibson Mararthon; Springe-Deister-Marathon; Sri Chinmoy Christchurch Marathon; Sri Chinmoy Running & Fitness Festival; St. Croix International Marathon; St. John Ambulance Marathon; Staffelmarathon von Zons; Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon; Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon; Standard Chartered Stanley Marathon; Standart chartered Hong Kong Marthon; Standerton Goldi; Stavanger Maraton; Steamboat Marathon; Steenbergen Marathon; Steenwerck Marathon; Steinfurt Marathon; Steinhuder Meer Marathon; Steinmühlenlauf Marburg; Steyning Stinger Marathon; Stockholm Marathon; Subic Marathon; Sudbury Rocks Marathon; Sugarloaf Marathon; Suleskard Marathon; Summer Night Marathon Forssa; Sunburst Marathon; Sundown Marathon; Sunne Marathon; Suomi-Run; Sur les Traces du Loup; Surf City Marathon; Surfside Beach Marathon; Surrender Hill Marathon; Swan Lake Marathon; Swiss Alpine Marathon; Sydney Marathon; Syngenta Wildfees Marathon; Südburgenland Marathon; TUIfly Marathon Hannover; Tacoma City Marathon; Tahiti Moorea Marathon; Tainan Anicient Capital International Marathon; Tallahassee Marathon; Tallinn Marathon; Tampere Marathon; Tangermünder Elbdeich Marathon; Tarentaal Trio Marathon; Tauerngebirgs-Marathon Classic; Te Houtaewa Challenge; Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon; Terwahölkkä ja - Maraton; Teutoburger-Wald-Marathon; Texas Marathon; The Grasslands Run; The Great Tibetan Marathon; The Herald/Remax Marathon; The Long Avenues; The Twisted Ankle Trail Marathon; Three Forts Marathon; Three Hearts Marathon; Tiberias Marathon; Timberline Marathon; Tirol Marathon; Tokyo City International Marathon; Tollenseseelauf; Tony's Run Marathon; Top of Utah Marathon; Toronto Waterfront Marathon; Torshávn Marathon; Torunski Marathon; Township Marathon; Townsville Running Festival; Trail Marathon Michigan; Trail de 3 Chapelles; Trailbreaker Marathon; Traralgon Marathon; Tresco Marathon; Trestle Valley Marathon; Treviso Marathon; Trinidat & Tobago Marathon; Tupelo Marathon; Turin Marathon; Tuusulanjärven Maraton; Twente Marathon Enschede; Two Bears Marathon; Two Countries at Musina Marathon; Two Nations Marathon; Tyrepro Highveld Marathon; USAF Marathon; Ueckermünder Haffmarathon; UltimateXC Val Morin Marathon; Ultraloop Gilze; Umgeni Water Marathon; Umstead Marathon; Unionsmarathon; Unive Drenthe Marathon; Utrecht-Marathon; VGZ Mergelland Marathon; Valentine Marathon; Vancouver International Marathon; Vanuatu Round Island; Varpaisjärven Yömaraton; Vattudals Marathon; Vechelder Schleusenmarathon; Vermont City Marathon; Viborg City Marathon; Victoria Falls Marathon; Vier-Schleifen-Marathon; Vilnius Maratonas; Virginia Creeper Marathon; Virginia Mason Team Medicine Seafair Marathon; Vodacom Challenge Yourself Marathon; Vodacom Ottosdal Draf & Trap Fees; Volcano Marathon; Volksbank-Münster-Marathon; Västilän Marton; Wachau Marathon; Waendel Weekend; Wakashio Marathon; Wally Hayward 42; Wardenburg Marathon; Warwick Pentath Run; Washingtons Birthday Marathon; Weidetal-Marathon; Weiltalweg-Landschaftsmarathon; Welschlauf Südsteiermark; Welzheimer Waldlauf; Wentachee Marathon; Werdauer Waldlauf; Weskus Marathon; West-Zipfel Marathon Wegberg; Whidbey Island Marathon; Whiskey Row Marathon; White Peak Marathon; Wickham Park Marathon; Wien City Marathon; Wienerwald Marathon; Wild Wild West Marathon; Windhagen Marathon; Wink Marathon Siofok; Winterthur Marathon; Wirefly National Marathon; Wolfsburg Marathon; Wolverhampton City Marathon; Woody's RV World Red Deer Marathon; Wyoming Marathon; XII Hassen Tervasaarimaraton; Xiamen International Marathon; YKSI MARATON; Yakima River Canyon Marathon; Yrittäjä-Marathon; Yukon Arctic Marathon; Yukon River Trail Marathon; Yyteri marathon; Zegama Aizkorri Mountain Marathon; Zermatt Marathon; Zimsky Marathon; Zoom! Yah! Yah! Indoor Marathon; Zürich Marathon; ebm-papst Marathon; elypso-Marathon; iWelt-Marathon Würzburg; real,- Berlin-Marathon; swb-Marathon Bremen; Öger Antalya Marathon; Ölands Marathon; Östersund Marathon;

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