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Running Technique
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Running Technique and Running Style
When running, one can strike anywhere between the heel, the metatarsal area (middle of the foot), and the forefoot. Every person has formed and developed their individual running style. All muscle loops, tendons and ligaments as well as the skeletal system have adapted to your individual running style.
If you, as a fully-grown person, try to change your running style from one day to the next, it wouldnít be a wonder if you ended up in a physical therapistís office! If you havenít run into any problems with your running style yet, then we would not suggest altering it. If you have had or have ailments due to your running style, we would suggest you get your running style analyzed at a biomechanics institute. You can then begin to alter your running style with these findings, but these corrections or alterations will keep you busy for a number of years.
It is possible, that you will receive custom-made orthotics to put into your running shoes. This will take some getting used to! This means you should not conduct your full training program from the first day you get your orthotics or change running shoes!

Which Running Style do Top Runners Have?
In top runners you see all different styles of running; heel runners, forefoot runners and even those who are clearly using wrong foot positioning. All of these runners have, through many years of training, economized their running style. This means that they run how they run and they do it fast! In every case, running style is clearly dependent on speed. With relaxed training you tend to roll over the heel and with faster units you often land on the middle or forefoot. In a marathon you can use both running techniques and, every now and then, alternate techniques for a couple of kilometers. This way you spread the impact and muscle stress throughout your body.

Running Drills
Top runners work on their running technique at least once a week because small flaws can lead to either negative effects on performance or overuse ailments. VICSYSTEM tells you on which day you should conduct such drills.

These exercises will then be shown to you, so you can see exactly how it's done and how you should conduct them.

Example from Running Drills:


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