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This website is the brain child of Patric Lüthi (56y, Marathon-PB 2:40:12, owner of Athena Ltd. in Zürich) and was built from the beginning of 2006 with the help of top-runners.

Irina und Patric in the garden of the Mikitenkos

Irina Mikitenko
Since the beginning of 2009 Irina Mikitenko is providing her knowledge and experience to VICSYSTEM.

Birth date:23rd of August 1972
Height:5ft 2in

Best times:
3'000m8:30,39 (2:50/km)
5'000m14:42,03 (2:56/km)
Half Marathon 1:08:51(3:16/km)

Irina wins the London Marathon 2009, Samuel Wanjiru fastest man

VICSYSTEM has, with thousands of members all over the world, become a leading provider for training plans. Since the beginning of 2006 VICSYSTEM has offered training plans for distances from 5'000m onward in cooperation with top-runners. These plans are suitable for all experience levels from beginners to top-runners. and they adapt themselves dynamically to the changing performance capabilities of the individual.
With this comprehensive training plan you will also regularly receive newsletters, in which the newest training theory and further training topics will be discussed. In the future, Irina Mikitenko will take part in the training camps and running weeks of VICSYSTEM as a leading coach, so that she can pass her experience directly to our members.

The expertise from the best long-distance runners in the world is an important element built into VICSYSTEM.
VICSYSTEM's first fine-tuning was carried out in the highlands of Eldoret in Kenya. There the various training camps of Kenyan top-runners are located. Well known runners like Bernard Lagat, Peter Rono, Wilfred Bungei and Martin Lel were born in this area.
The study of the training methods and the individual implementation of the various elements of training deliver valuable knowhow, which is the basis of VICSYSTEM.
Kenya is proof that training conditions in no way have to be optimal to achieve a positive training effect:

10 to 15 minutes warm up from our lodging to the 400m track in Kapsabet. The runners starting a 5x2'000m interval workout.

The surface doesn't always have to be perfect, as long as you achieve a training effect. Young runners out of villages nearby mix themselves with elite runners.

These runners do the 5x2000m at a higher pace than 3:00min/km. The trainingplan for the toprunners in the camp.

Good to have VICSYSTEM! So please enjoy the comfort of an up to date and dynamic trainingplan! The recommandations sunday is not a holiday, eat well, sleep well, don't use alcool help you anyway!

VICSYSTEM® a service of Athena Ltd.
Patric Luthi, CEO
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