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Supplemental Training
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What is Supplemental Training? (Supplements)
Mileage is not the only thing that belongs into a runnerís training plan. However, adequate time should be set aside for supplemental training.
Supplements are to be understood as everything that isn't part of the actual running part of training. This includes warm-up exercises, drills, stretching, foot exercises, core strength exercises, weight training and alternative training (cross-training) like swimming, cycling, aqua-jogging, interval training with a scooter etc.

The Disadvantages of a Training Plan Without Supplements
Intensive training without supplements can lead to muscle imbalances within the body. This imbalance can lead to several problems such as back pain. As a certified physical therapist, I know where these issues stem from as Iíve had several runners under my care who had run into these types of ailments.

The Advantages of a Training Plan With Supplements
Supplemental training can lead to an improved musculature and decreases the risk of injury. Oneís musculature provides protection for oneís joints and provides, fundamentally, protection for the spine. If you conduct supplemental training on a regular basis, which is built into the VICSYSTEM as part of everyday training, you should not run into any big problems. Because of this, your training will not be interrupted and your athletic-performance improvement will be accelerated.

What Supplements Look Like Within VICSYSTEM
Supplements, which you are to carry out, are included in your daily training plans. I personally demonstrate all of the supplements so you see how to do them correctly.

Get all supplemental exercises in a PDF-document:

warm-up exercise example
foot exercise example

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