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What is Doping
The World anti-doping agency WADA defines doping as: The presence of a prohibited substance or its metabolites or markers in an athlete's bodily specimen. Doping is the use of prohibited active ingredients and the use of prohibited performance enhancing methods.

Examples are: EPO (Cera), NESP, the new wonder drug S107, Testosterone, Human Growth Hormones (Sermorelin), Insulin, blood infusions etc.

According to the findings of Dr. Allessandro Donati, an Italian sports researcher, 500,000 people world wide dope with EPO. Dr. Dontis also reports that the yearly produced amount of EPO is 5 to 6 times more needed for therapeutic use.

The circulation of EPO has, without a doubt, increased in endurance sports. By now the majority of EPO compounds are easily traceable, so that, presumably, the amount of athletes using autologous blood transfusion is again increasing.

Nevertheless, one big problem is the fact that, due to the higher number of blood cells in the body, the risk of Thrombosis and Stroke considerably increases.

The improvement of personal performance by substance use is certainly an old pipe dream. Organic substances were isolated and then synthesized for medical purposes to heal illnesses, to be used again and again. Stimulating or performance-enhancing substances then began to be utilized by athletes in order to improve their performances. One can only guess to what extent doping was used since the reopening of the Olympic Games in the first half of the 20th century up to the 1960s. Whatever the case, no rules existed in which limited or even prohibited the use of performance-enhancing substances. After fatal casualties in cycling in the 1960s, particularly with connections to the consumption of these substances in the form of amphetamines, athletic organizations composed anti-doping rules and regulations. The most well-known case of a fatal casualty in cycling involved cyclist Tom Simpson, who in 1967, collapsed and died during the Tour de France. His death was caused by the intake of amphetamines with the mixture of the extreme heat. After that, the first anti-doping rules against stimulants and narcotics were developed. These bans on different substances would be expanded throughout that year.

Fairness is the most important and basic rule in athletics. If you train with VICSYSTEM, please train without the help of any sort of meds, except when a doctor prescribes its use. In such a case, try to receive medication, which is not on the doping list. You should also consider, that even with every day cough medicine a positive doping result can produced!

Doping information
You can find information under with a list of updated permitted and banned substances.

So training regularly, every now and then hard, is still the best method for a sustainable increase in athletic performance! The body produces the best doping itself, the "Runners-High!"

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