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Unfortunately, not all of us are equipped with as sturdy of a musculoskeletal system as the Kenyans, for example. This is why it makes sense for "average mortals" to conduct some of their trainings alternatively through cross-training. There are many choices for the endurance athlete.

Deepwater running
Deepwater Running is, in my opinion, one of the best cross-training methods for a runner, one I choose regularly. One uses a type of flotation vest or belt in order to run under water. This way one can conduct the same exact movements running under water as on land. The most important thing is that the correct technique is learned and used.

Mountain bike
An advantage of using a mountain bike is that one can ride over steep hills and rocks. The "fun factor" here is high and is good for of training as well. However, due to the several different training surfaces, it is difficult to acquire one's targeted endurance base.

Road Bike
The road bike is a good way to get base-endurance training in. Longer hill intervals are also very effective on the road bike. It is recommended to run a few miles after a long road bike tour. This way, the specific muscles used for running can support your bike training even further.

Stationary biking
The stationary bike and other endurance equipment are ideal training possibilities during the coldest times of the year for an endurance athlete. Base endurance training and interval training can be done on these wheels. If you have a cycling class available at a fitness center, you also have the advantage of being part of a group.

Rowing either in a real boat or at home on a rowing machine is one of the best pieces of equipment in order to improve your VO2Max compared to running, cycling, swimming, cross country skiing, inline skating etc. This is what sports medicine has found out. In all accounts, rowing is easy on the joints and works out the whole body as an alternative to running.

The VICSYSTEM does not automatically integrate cross-training into your training plans. You can decide on your own if you want to include a recovery or other training in the form of cross-training. If you are suffering from some sort of injury, your doctor can recommend what form of cross-training would be best in order to get rid of the injury as quickly as possible, without losing your current fitness level.

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