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Irina runs to victory!
Berlin Marathon 2008 in 2:19:19
Dear Fellow Runners
VICSYSTEM is based on the knowledge and experience of Irina Mikitenko. The training plans are continually adapted together with Irina and adjusted to the needs of the runners on one side, as well as to the newest perceptions and knowledge of the world class runners on the other side.
Irina Mikitenko broke the 2:20-barrier in only the third marathon of her career, with a time of 2:19:19 (Berlin 2008), to become the fourth fastest female runner of all time for this distance.
Irina is a German citizen, lives with her family near Frankfurt, studied sports, is a certified sports teacher and holds a trainers license. She designs her own training with her husband Alexander, who himself ran the 5’000m with a time of 13:39,95.
VICSYSTEM works for you too! VICSYSTEM offers an accurately calculated training program for all runners, whether you are a beginner with only a few training days a week or a top athlete with two training opportunties and one cross-training a day.

The advantages of VICSYSTEM:
  • provides dynamic training plans for distances of 5’000m up to the marathon
  • recognizes your improvement and individually adjusts your training
  • guarantees a scientifically proven and personalized training matched to your individual abilities and goals
  • offers correct periodization with microcycles (short-term, 1-4 weeks), mesocycles (medium-term, 4-12 weeks, eg in advance of a competition), macrocycles (long-term, 3-12 months) and the corresponding phases of recovery
  • tells you exactly what training to carry out with details on pace, distance, intensity, time and heart rate
  • designs a new training plan within seconds once you change the details on your profile, weekly schedule or racing plan
  • gives instructions on stretching, core strength development, running technique, supple­mental training and rules for rest and recovery
    Take advantage of our experience. We look forward to having you join the VICSYSTEM and improve your performance! (→ Join)
    Good Luck, your VICSYSTEM-Team (→ Join).

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